054 – How to be a Project Manager: Kate and Kim get interviewed by a PM student about breaking into the field

For this episode the tables are turned – Kate and Kim get interviewed! Arizona State University student Krystal Ebadi contacted us and asked if she could interview us for her PM class about the realities of studying PM and getting a job. Of course we said yes! And Krystal let us share that interview with […]

053 – What if I told you that you were a PM all along?

This episode we talk with one of our amazing listeners, Josh Mildren, who shares his story about how he became a project manager – or rather, how he realized he was a project manager all along. Like a lot of our Happy Hour listeners, Josh was looking for new ways to address challenges his organization […]

052 – Who owns this baby when I’m done? Planning for deliverables handover

This episode we talk about that make-or-break moment in project closing: handing over your project deliverables. If you plan your project right, this can be a moment of victory for your team, your stakeholders, and for yourself. But if you don’t plan for it, handover can become a never ending death march to nowhere. Kate […]

051 – They told me I’m “Too Nice?!” Dealing with inactionable feedback

We love our listeners, and we love to answer your questions! In fact,  this episode comes straight from a call for help we received from one of our listeners. She shared with us that her manager told her that she was “too nice” with her project team, and asked us for help in how to […]

050 – Project Financials 101: A quick and dirty overview of how money affects projects

Ever have a project that costs money? Well, this podcast is for you! In this episode, Kate and Kim give you the quick and dirty rundown of basic project financials – not just within your project, but how money gets to your project, and how your finance team may view those financials. In a study […]

049 – How to Call BS without getting Sh#t upon

Communication is a critical part of a Project Manager’s job, and perhaps no aspect of comms is more important than ensuring that what is communicated is correct and truthful. But when someone is not being truthful – to themselves or others – how do you call that out? Or, as we say, how do you […]

048 – Brand Yourself with Sonia Mundra

Many Project Managers are on a trajectory that takes them from a more technical or tactical focus to a more leadership focus in their career, possibly transitioning from Project Management eventually to the Board Room. But how do you do that? How do you make the transition from being known for technical execution to strategic […]

047 – Project Management at Burning Man: Managing Volunteers, with Kayla Glenn

Burning Man is a famous event held in a temporary city the middle of the Nevada desert, dedicated to self expression and artistic freedom with 80,000 people. Can you imagine managing a project there?! One of our very own PM Happy Hour members does so every year! This episode we are joined by Kayla Glenn, […]