045 – Entrepreneurial Project Management with Rolondo Talbott

Today we are joined by Rolondo Talbott who gave an amazing presentation at this year’s PMO Symposium. He is going to share with us an amazing story from his time in the military which inspired him to come up with the concept of  Entrepreneurial Project Management. If you’ve heard about us contrasting “box checker” PM’s […]

Pilot Program – Member 1:1’s

Hiya Happy Hour! We thought it would be fun to pilot a program where we offer 1:1’s to our members! For the month of February, Kim is opening a few slots on his calendar on Mondays for 1:1’s with PM Happy Hour members. Looking for PM career advice? Feedback on a tough project issue? Or […]

044 – Dear Project Diary: Project (b)logging to keep your head straight

In today’s world we are bombarded with more information than ever before – it’s on our mobile devices (social email, etc.), daily stand-ups, 24 hour news networks telling us about how the world is collapsing every day, so much going on. That’s a lot of information coming in – so how do you sort through […]

043 – How to be “The Wolf” – Taking over broken projects

A natural stage in PM professional development is when you become the ‘fixer’ – the one called in to take over or fix ‘broken’ critical projects. This  is hard, stressful work, and you may wonder why you get (or keep getting) the ‘dirty’ jobs. But these assignments mean your management team has a lot of […]

042 – The Closer: Avoiding Project Acceptance Exceptions

A defining characteristic of a project is that it ends. Finally. Please. Let the hurting end. Just get it done, right? If it were only that easy! This episode Kate and Kim talk about what it means to close a project, and walk through some typical scenarios where closing can be really tough. Then they […]

041 – Witness me! Justifying Project Management

Have you ever had to justify the value of Project Management in your organization? Doh! So do we. Listen in as we share our best responses to, “is PM really needed?” You don’t have to justify the existence of the Finance team. Or Sales & Marketing. Or Executive Management. So why do we have to […]

040 – I’m a WHAT?! What’s the point of personality assessments?

Many organizations employ personality assessments to help their team members understand their strengths or communication styles. Are these a waste of time? Or do they have value we can leverage as PMs? Today we are joined by Fai Mo, long time project manager and manager of project managers. Fai will share his experience in leveraging […]

039 – Burning Questions: A Trick or treat bag of listener mail

As we gorge on our kid’s leftover Halloween candy, we answer a number of Listener questions left on our Facebook and Linkedin pages. What are some good ways to describe PM-ish duties on a resume/CV? What are some tips on holding someone accountable? How do you create a timeline for a project with a new […]