029 – Stop the Scope Creep! Using Change Control to keep the monsters at bay

Controlling your project scope is one of the most important things we can do as project managers – but so easy to let slip. Don’t let Scope Creep sneak up on you! In this episode we talk about scope creep and discuss ways to keep your scope on track – and how to handle it […]

028 – Embracing the Escalation: raising visibility without raising your blood pressure

Management escalation, oh, no! When issues get escalated to our managers and executive stakeholders, our hearts sink, a sweat breaks out and we start to freak out. But should we? Maybe we should “flip the script” and think of escalations as good and even necessary – when done correctly. In today’s show, Kate and Kim […]

027 – Crucial Conversations: Part 1 – Oh, man it just got crucial

One of the toughest – and most important jobs – of a PM is having difficult conversations. These can be with sponsors, stakeholders, team members or other PMs. And the ability to successfully manage these difficult conversations can make the difference between success and failure – for your project, and your career! In this episode, […]

PM WoW for Week 30 of 2018: ESCALATE

In our latest podcast, Embrace the Escalation! we discussed how management escalation is not a bad thing – in fact, it can be absolutely essential in some cases. As discussed in that episode, there are certain matters that must be escalated, and a lot of decisions that need to be raised to your executive sponsors. […]

PM WoW for Week 29 of 2018: Identify when a Conversation gets Crucial

We just released a great new podcast episode about the book Crucial Conversations, focusing on identifying when a conversation turns “crucial.” As we discuss in that episode, before you can manage a crucial conversation, you have to first identify when you are having one!Your PM WoW Challenge this week is to think back to a […]

PM WoW for Week 28 of 2018: Get to know the business

One of our favorite things about Project Management is that it can give you exposure to a lot of organizations; other teams within your own organization, or even different companies if you work on a consulting business. As we discussed on our episode Learning to Swim with Dilerjit Oberoi, not only is learning about the business interesting […]

026 – Mastering the Mastermind: facilitating small groups for big results

While the term “mastermind group” was coined in the 20’s, it has been used by business leaders, writers, artists and philosophers going back much further to develop new ideas, themselves and accomplish amazing things. In this episode, we get some coaching from a Mastermind Master, J.R. Russell on how to facilitate a mastermind group – […]

025 – The Last Move – a little bit of game theory for your projects

Here’s an episode inspired by the mathematical study of Game Theory! Not only can “moving last” (or latter) put you in a strong strategic position, but can also make you a better listener. We’ll also talk about some of the downsides of “sequential” turns in meetings, and how to keep that from stifling honest feedback […]