041 – Witness me! Justifying Project Management

Have you ever had to justify the value of Project Management in your organization? Doh! So do we. Listen in as we share our best responses to, “is PM really needed?” You don’t have to justify the existence of the Finance team. Or Sales & Marketing. Or Executive Management. So why do we have to […]

040 – I’m a WHAT?! What’s the point of personality assessments?

Many organizations employ personality assessments to help their team members understand their strengths or communication styles. Are these a waste of time? Or do they have value we can leverage as PMs? Today we are joined by Fai Mo, long time project manager and manager of project managers. Fai will share his experience in leveraging […]

039 – Burning Questions: A Trick or treat bag of listener mail

As we gorge on our kid’s leftover Halloween candy, we answer a number of Listener questions left on our Facebook and Linkedin pages. What are some good ways to describe PM-ish duties on a resume/CV? What are some tips on holding someone accountable? How do you create a timeline for a project with a new […]

038 – Charter? Huh! What is it good for? (absolutely every project)

“What are we even doing in this project?” If you’ve ever asked yourself (or been asked) this question, go back to your Project Charter right now! The Project Charter is a keystone project artifact, authorizing the very existing and base assumptions and structure of your project. It can be called many things – a statement […]

037 – Transform from Project Manager to Project Leader – with Naomi Caietti

This episode we are joined at Happy Hour by prominent PM thought leader, Naomi Caetti. We chat with Naomi about what it takes to transition from being “just” a Project Manager to a Leader – both for your project and your organization. Check out this episode to learn how to take your game to the […]

036 – PMO – What is it really? And how do I run one?

This episode, we get the great opportunity to speak with Hussain Bandukwala, PMO Coach and founder of the PMO Virtual Summit this October. Hussain helps us understand what a PMO really is (and should be), then shares some great insights into the career path of someone who wants to be a PMO leader. He really […]

035 – Kickass Martial Arts Lessons for Project Managers

This episode, Kim shares some lessons from his time studying martial arts with some amazing instructors which can apply to Project Management! And no, they do not include giving that troublesome stakeholder a spin-kick to the head 🙂 But they do include lessons on how to assert yourself, how to focus on the important things […]

034 – PM Superhero Smackdown! Kate and Kim share lessons from their favorite movie PMs

This episode, Kate and Kim talk about their favorite Project Managers from the big screen and small screen – and what lessons we can take away from them. From big-screen capers to everybody’s favorite movie PM (who is “here to put you BACK on schedule, commander”… because the sponsor is not as forgiving as he […]