061 – Do I really need a PMO? (Part 1 of 2)

Do I need a Project Management Office (PMO)? Does anyone REALY need a PMO? Why, aren’t those all going away because of Agile? What value can a PMO give to an organization? And when does it not make sense to have a PMO? We go through all this and more on this 2 part podcast […]

060 – Say-Do-Say: Fundamentals of Project Communication

We get asked a lot about what project management is about, what it’s like to get into the profession, and what are the most important things to do as you get into the field. There are so many things to think about, so many considerations that it can be hard to think of a simple […]

059 – Crying Happens

Project Management can be tough – full of stress, emotion, passion and… more stress. You, your team and your stakeholders are trying to make big changes happen in the intense pressure cooker that is a project. And if you’ve been around long enough you will know that tears sometimes happen in the workplace. But how […]

058 – Shut-in but not Shut-down: Managing Projects and Teams from Home

Many of us are suddenly finding that we – and our teams – are working remotely from home. While this is normal for a lot of our workforce, it can represent a very big change for a lot of teams. How do we stay focused and stay productive – and help our team stay focused […]

057 – ADKAR: It’s not a trap! Change Management can save your mission

Projects are about change – but what are you doing to manage that change in your project? Fortunately, there’s an entire field of practice to make changes stick – Organizational Change Management Today our guest walks us through the Prosci ADKAR model for implementing change – one of the most well known and popular methodologies […]

056 – Don’t buy the bias! Managing bias in project management

Whether we realize it or not, we are influenced by bias in the way we think about things. Maybe you are overly optimistic in your estimates, or under estimate the impact of risks. Planning fallacy, illusion of control, confirmation bias – the list goes on of different ways bias can mis-shape our perceptions and our […]

055 – A slice of Thankfulness from Kate and Kim

Hiya listeners, in this episode we share what we’ve been up to and why we’ve been a bit quiet, some amazing PDU stats and share some things that we’re thankful for.  Cheers! And thanks to our amazing listeners   JOIN THE HAPPY HOUR! Get access to all podcasts, PDU certificates, bonus content, exclusive member Q&A […]

054 – How to be a Project Manager: Kate and Kim get interviewed by a PM student about breaking into the field

For this episode the tables are turned – Kate and Kim get interviewed! Arizona State University student Krystal Ebadi contacted us and asked if she could interview us for her PM class about the realities of studying PM and getting a job. Of course we said yes! And Krystal let us share that interview with […]