050 – Project Financials 101: A quick and dirty overview of how money affects projects

Ever have a project that costs money? Well, this podcast is for you! In this episode, Kate and Kim give you the quick and dirty rundown of basic project financials – not just within your project, but how money gets to your project, and how your finance team may view those financials. In a study […]

049 – How to Call BS without getting Sh#t upon

Communication is a critical part of a Project Manager’s job, and perhaps no aspect of comms is more important than ensuring that what is communicated is correct and truthful. But when someone is not being truthful – to themselves or others – how do you call that out? Or, as we say, how do you […]

048 – Brand Yourself with Sonia Mundra

Many Project Managers are on a trajectory that takes them from a more technical or tactical focus to a more leadership focus in their career, possibly transitioning from Project Management eventually to the Board Room. But how do you do that? How do you make the transition from being known for technical execution to strategic […]

047 – Project Management at Burning Man: Managing Volunteers, with Kayla Glenn

Burning Man is a famous event held in a temporary city the middle of the Nevada desert, dedicated to self expression and artistic freedom with 80,000 people. Can you imagine managing a project there?! One of our very own PM Happy Hour members does so every year! This episode we are joined by Kayla Glenn, […]

046 – Process, Data & Maturity: is it BS or does it really matter?

We all  assume that following process, better data and improved maturity will fix all our PM issues. That make sense, but is it true? What does the data say? This was our question last fall going into PMO Symposium. Then we realized, we’d be surrounded by hundreds of amazing Project and PMO leaders who could […]

045 – Entrepreneurial Project Management with Rolondo Talbott

Today we are joined by Rolondo Talbott who gave an amazing presentation at this year’s PMO Symposium. He is going to share with us an amazing story from his time in the military which inspired him to come up with the concept of  Entrepreneurial Project Management. If you’ve heard about us contrasting “box checker” PM’s […]

Pilot Program – Member 1:1’s

Hiya Happy Hour! We thought it would be fun to pilot a program where we offer 1:1’s to our members! For the month of February, Kim is opening a few slots on his calendar on Mondays for 1:1’s with PM Happy Hour members. Looking for PM career advice? Feedback on a tough project issue? Or […]

044 – Dear Project Diary: Project (b)logging to keep your head straight

In today’s world we are bombarded with more information than ever before – it’s on our mobile devices (social email, etc.), daily stand-ups, 24 hour news networks telling us about how the world is collapsing every day, so much going on. That’s a lot of information coming in – so how do you sort through […]