A04-PM Appetizer – Be the CEO of your Project

A big differentiator between projects that succeed and projects that fail is the engagement and commitment of the Project Manager. Are they just going through the motions? Or are they taking charge? In this short “Appetizer” episode, we share some tasty bites which might help you re-think how you approach leadership in your project.   PM […]

016-Story Time! Better communication through narrative

*SO* much about project success is dependent on communication that we love to have communication experts on the show. Today’s guests, authors of the new book, “How to avoid a huge Leadersh*t,” will talk us through practical methods and examples for how to use narrative to effectively communicate – from introducing yourself to a group […]

015-Meet your Mentor! Learn about Mentorship with PMO Joe

In today’s episode, Phoenix-based head of The PMO Squad, Joe Pusz (also known in the PM community as PMO Joe) will share his knowledge on Mentorship with us. In addition to his deep experience on the topic, his organization partners with Vets to PM, a mentorship program which pairs US Veterans with experienced PMs to […]

A03-PM Appetizer-Building Trust with “Trust Bricks”

In today’s short-format “Appetizer” episode, we have a tasty little nugget to share about building trust. Trust is essential for building effective working relationships with your team, sponsors and stakeholders. But how do you do it? In today’s show, we talk about a couple specific techniques you can use to build – or repair- trust. […]

014-Condition RED! Breaking bad news to your stakeholders

Project issues! Everyone has something go wrong on their projects at some point. As much as we dread breaking the news, how we communicate critical project problems to our stakeholders can have a greater impact on our project and long term relationships than the problems themselves. In today’s episode we share our own horror stories […]

013-Don’t guess! Plan your project with SCIENCE using Monte Carlo analysis

Although touched on in the PMBOK, most of us have little exposure to Monte Carlo analysis – which is a shame! Monte Carlo analysis can add a new level of credibility to our planning when the stakes are high by backing it with real science and statistical models. In this episode, we demystify this tool, […]

012-Sassy or Assertive? Women in Project Management

There is enough to deal with in project management without gender issues making it even tougher. So, today we openly talk about challenges women can face in the workplace. Rather than hit you with a bunch of statistics (which are also important), Kate will share some real-life examples of challenges she’s faced, and we talk […]

011-A love letter to my RAID log

This episode, we talk about an old stand-by in the PM world, the RAID Log. RAID Logs (Risks, Actions, Issues and Decisions) are an essential tool that every PM needs in their toolbox. Heck, you can effectively run an entire project from one! If you have never heard of a RAID log before, you need […]