One of our top member benefits is awarding PDUs if you successfully complete one of our courses and pass the quiz. As an a PMI ATP, we can award and upload PDUs for you which help meet your PMI Talent Triangle requirements. If you don’t know what a PDU is or if they apply to you, in summary, they are continuing education credentials that help you maintain your PMI credential. You can read more about them on PMI’s PDU page

Even though we will upload your PDUs to PMI, you still need to review your PMI dashboard to ensure they are correctly applied. Our uploading them does not guarantee that they will apply to your PMI dashboard, which is why you should double check them once in a while. Common problems include: 

  1. Member has provided an incorrect PMI ID number – typically, they accidentally give us their credential number
  2. Member has given a name (first name or surname) which does not match the name on their PMI account
  3. PMI makes an error applying uploaded PDU’s (rare, but it happens)
  4. Member PMI credential is in a state (or is a type) where the PDUs cannot be applied according to PMI business rules


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How often are PDU’s uploaded to PMI?

A: We upload about once per month. The exact date varies depending on schedules and the volume of quizzes taken that month. 

Q: OMG, I have an upcoming PMI renewal and I just did a load of quizzes, can you do a one-off upload for me?

A: Yes! Just email us at podcast@pmhappyhour.com and we’ll work with you to get your PDU’s uploaded. Just be aware that PMI’s process is a bit slow, so it will take us about a week to do so.

Q: Uh, I don’t see any of my PDU’s uploaded and it’s been way over a month. Is there something wrong?

A: Accurate uploads to PMI require that you provide us with your PMI ID (NOT your PMP number) at signup. If that’s wrong, or for some other reason we cannot match you with someone in the PMI database, we cannot upload your PDU’s.

Check your PM Happy Hour account to make sure you have your right number entered, and email us at podcast@pmhappyhour.com and we’ll help get any missing PDU’s uploaded for you.

Q: I downloaded the certificates for the quizzes I completed. Should I upload these to PMI myself?

A: If you do, that will duplicate the upload we do. So, you should wait for us to upload them. If you do not want us to upload your PDU’s, please remove / change the PMI ID associated with your account and set it to “DO NOT UPLOAD”, and email us at podcast@pmhappyhour.com and advise us *before* you do any quizzes that you do not want us to upload your PDU. By default, we upload PDU’s for you.

Q: I listened to an episode which just came out – where is the quiz?

A: It takes us some time to put the quiz together after release, then PMI has a review process they put us through for new courses. So, it can be a little time between when the episode releases and when the course is available. 

Q: Hey, if PM Happy Hour can help me earn PDU, can I use those to meet my education requirements to sit for a PMP or CAPM exam? 

A: Even if PMI would be OK with that, we don’t recommend it. If you are going to study for PMI or CAPM, you should undertake some kind of coursework specifically designed to prepare you to sit for the exam. Nearly any such coursework will give you the credits you need to apply for the exam. If you do that, then you can save all your PM Happy Hour PDUs for your renewal! 

Q: What is Dobre Services, and why is that on my PDU certificate? 

A: Dobre Services is the training and certification body which technically runs the education side of PM Happy Hour. It’s run by Kim, and is a PMI Authorized Training Partner – and before that, a Registered Education Provider, in good standing since 2011.