• Hi Folks, not sure if it is my chrome browser, but I still cannot get my picture to upload to this avatar option. Any clues ?

  • Kim/ Kate, I loved this take of being a CEO of our own projects.

    I am having a hard time moving from a task oriented role into a PM role, where I need to find ways to motivate people who does not only report to me, but are also going through a lot of organizational changes.

    Keeping this attitude of a CEO of a project helped me realized I am…[Read more]

  • Hello PM Happy Hour Folks,

    I have first listened to the podcasts two months ago and I am becoming a huge fan of both Kim and Kate.

    I am currently doing a podcast marathon, listening to every single one. Today I started 018 – What I wish I’d know when I started, which is exactly where I am today,, Starting 🙂

    I work for a multi national Oil C…[Read more]