Announcing: Communication Coaching from Kate & Kim!


By popular demand, we are offering a communication course with Kate & Kim! Members get first crack at this before we open it up to everyone and there are only 6 spots available.


This course is for you if you are stressed-out by project communication, are seeking to improve your presentation skills, or if you feel awkward communicating in some situations. Whether you have challenges communicating with a particular team member, sponsor, stakeholder, or group –  or if you feel like your communication skills need some work in general, this course will help you step up your game!


This small-group course is part class, part intensive workshop.  There will be a kick off with a preliminary 30 minute planning session, followed by 4 mastermind-format workshops.  The group will meet once per week, for 4 weeks, for 2 hours with Kate & Kim.  Attendees will have homework and practice exercises that we will talk through each week, then we’ll put each participant in the hot-seat to talk through their communication challenges.  Not only will you get feedback from your fellow workshop members, but also direct coaching advice from Kate & Kim.


This small-group course will be customized to YOUR specific challenges. Bring your project-specific problems, or focus on a particular skill you want to develop. Send in your challenges so we can create a custom plan for you and a small group of dedicated PMs like you who want to get ahead!


Take note: We might not offer something this custom again in the future!  We are offering this course based on the response from our membership, but most of our time is spent creating podcasts and membership content.  This is a rare opportunity to get dedicated Kate & Kim time that likely won’t be available again in the future.


This workshop is for you if:

  • You’re struggling to hold your team members accountable
  • You’re anxious about confronting a team member who’s not delivering
  • You can’t seem to nail-down your project sponsor for requirements or scope
  • You find yourself repeating the same things but folks aren’t quite listening to you
  • You’re stressed out telling your project or status story to executive leadership or upper management


We will cover all project communication methods:

  • Phone calls/video conferencing
  • In-person conversations
  • Emails
  • Presenting against a document (eg, a funding request presentation, status report, etc)


This course will draw from our experience and leverage techniques from:

  • Crucial Conversations
  • Getting to Yes
  • Executive communication
  • Delivering bad news
  • Responding to ‘stupid’ executive asks


This workshop is limited to 6 participants to make sure there is plenty of time for working through your challenges with Kim & Kate.  

Sign up here to be notified FIRST when applications/the course opens.  Being on this list gives you ‘first dibs’ at one of the 6 spots we have for this course.

Pricing is $250 for PM Happy Hour Members, $400 for non-members


What if I don’t have a specific problem I want to address – I just feel like I’m weak in communication?

We’d suggest you really take a moment to think about what your work looks like – there are ALWAYS opportunities to improve – over 80% of a project manager’s job is communication!  This course includes a kick off with Kate & Kim where they will work with you to identify where you need help to maximize your time – Kate’s an excellent talent developer and can work to identify gaps with you and bring out your best communicator.


Will this course include role-playing conversation scenarios?

You bet!  Kim makes for a good ‘I don’t have time for this’ executive and Kate can play a real bratty ‘I didn’t have time for your project work’ project team member.


How will feedback be structured in this course?

Perfect practice makes perfect – the goal is to discuss scenarios, techniques and approaches and try them out in real time during this workshop. You should leave feedback sessions feeling like you have exact phrases, sentences or techniques to use in your project scenarios.


Wouldn’t I get the same information out of podcast?  Or just my own trial and error?

We appreciate you thinking that our podcast could be the end-all-be-all for learning!  It’s one thing to try things out on your own, and another to have seasoned PM vets providing feedback who’ve already been through the proverbial project battlefield.  Kim & Kate have a combined 40+ years of PM experience between them and a LOT of mistakes they’ve made – why not avoid some pitfalls and set yourself up for success. Plus, getting DIRECT feedback from Kate & Kim isn’t something a podcast can offer – we’ll be tailoring feedback to your specific situation.


How can I make sure I get the most out of this course?

Come to the kickoff with the ‘why’ you signed up for this course, and your most stress-inducing communication scenarios.  There will be homework each week – do that to prepare for each workshop. And bring a ‘learning’ attitude!


Can I really become a master communicator in 4 weeks?

Of course not!  But can you become a significantly improved communicator with new relationships in a strong PM community?  You bet you can! This course aims to solve your personal biggest communications challenges – overcoming this obstacle for yourself could be the key to garnering more respect from bosses or sponsors, keeping projects on task or mending a frustrating and broken working relationship.  We can help with those things.


How many coaching sessions will there be?

1 thirty minute kickoff and 4 two hour mastermind workshops.


How much time will this course take for me?

Homework each week should take no more than 1-2 hours and then the workshop will take 2 hours each week, for a time committment of 3-4 hours each week.


Will this course count for PDUs?

Yes! 8 PDUs, according to PMI: “You can earn PDUs by engaging in structured professional discussions with others, for example while you’re being mentored…” 


When will this course take place?

We’ll confirm availability with the final 6 attendees, but it will likely be Tuesday or Thursday evenings US time – we’ll work on timezone once we confirm who’s in the class.


Will there be any course materials I’ll get as part of this course?

Yes there will be!  We’ll generate at least one worksheet as a takeaway for you – more content would be contingent on what problems we’re trying to solve together.  


What if, at the end, I don’t feel like I’ve gotten anything out of this course?

We guarantee that you’ll make progress on your communications skills during your time with us.  If, at the end of the course, you don’t feel as though your skills have improved, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


Pricing is $250 for PM Happy Hour Members, $400 for non-members