Happy Hour update for week ending May 11, 2018

Hello Happy Hour!

I hope you all had a great week and are ready to wind it down. This week was a busy one for us.

  • We’ve engaged a writer and are busy creating awesome show notes for all our episodes. We’re starting with our latest 5 episodes, then will jump back to our “first 5 question” episodes. We’re even time-stamping them to make it easy to find that one topic you remember hearing about… You should start seeing these pop up next week
  • We’re also shopping for logo beer mugs we can use for give-aways. If anyone has had experience with a company that does great branded materials, please let us know! We would love a reference.


This week’s podcast: 020 – An Influence Toolkit: Getting stuff done without authority

This one is based on a great question from one of our very own members, Dani! She asked us, “How do you get people to get stuff done when you have no authority?” Such a good question, we made a whole podcast out of it – it’s even one of our longer ones at just over an hour long. Enjoy!!