090 – How to tell other people what to do

090 – How to tell other people what to do

Being a project manager is tough. You are assigned a team of people who may never have with each other (or you) before, and you need to lead them to accomplish a task, solve a problem, or create a new deliverable. And by definition, this is a unique task – so it hasn’t been done before, at least not in this way, for these stakeholders.

In among these challenges is perhaps the toughest one: you have to lead this group of people. As project managers, these people almost never report to us – someone else is their boss. So, how do we provide leadership and direction to a group of people when you are not their boss? How do you tell them what to do?

Sure, we could talk about servant leadership and how a PM is a facilitator, who should be working to enable, motivate and coach the team. But in the real world, you need to get these people to get stuff done, or you are all going to fail.

In today’s episode, Kate and Kim talk about this conundrum, and offer advice based on their real-world challenges trying to get people to do things – who don’t report to them.


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