086 – The project behind a Disaster Response, with the ITDRC

086 – The project behind a Disaster Response, with the ITDRC

“I know the world is ending, but do you have wifi here?”

Sounds funny, but it’s deadly serious. Natural disasters impact critical infrastructure that we depend on every day: shelter, fresh water, food distribution, and power. These are the ones we think about.

But what about communication?

How do relief agencies, police, fire, and government coordinate a disaster response when there is no power, no cell signal, no wifi? How do community members communicate with each other, find out where to get aid, or reach out to loved ones who are worrying about them if there is no functioning communication infrastructure – or even a place to charge your phone?

Enter the ITDRC! The Information Technology Disaster Resource Center is a non-profit organization that sends teams and equipment to disaster areas to provide communication and technology services. The PM’s involved are truly project management heroes, and we get to hear from one of them today, Charis Mayhorn.

About our amazing guest, Charis Mayhorn

Charis Mayhorn is a Network Architect.  In her day job, she designs IP networks, advises leadership and boards on infrastructure best practices, and guides cross-team collaboration.  In her free time, she volunteers with ITDRC.

Find out more about the ITDRC here:

  • Volunteer and read more about the ITDRC on their website, https://itdrc.org/

  • Check out this video of a 2 day ride along during Hurricane Ian response:



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