084 – OH, We Forgot About Change Management! What to do when you get caught with your ADKAR down, with Tim Creasey

084 – OH, We Forgot About Change Management! What to do when you get caught with your ADKAR down, with Tim Creasey

Yeah! One of our favorite guests, Tim Creasey, returns! This time we are talking about what happens if you realize, too late in the game, that you really didn’t consider Change Management enough in your planning cycle. 

It’s such a universal experience of a project manager to not have change management, and so many of us end up in these situations where we struggle to see the real benefits of a change we’ve implemented.  We figured: why not start where most of us end up: in trouble!

Join Kate and Kim as we talk with Tim about how to recover.

About our amazing guest, Tim Creasey

An author, researcher, change expert and human, Tim focuses on the people-side of change with process, wit and vigor. Tim’s work forms the foundation of the world’s largest body of knowledge on change management. His role as Chief Innovation Officer at Prosci gives him unparalleled insight into change management challenges, trends and futures. Having spoken to hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, Tim is authentic, knowledgeable and unassumingly funny. He enables audiences with valuable data and actionable information.

And here are some links to some of Tim’s other amazing content:

8 Alignment Hacks That Enhance Change Management Today

While formal approaches to Change Management are a must for people-dependent projects and complex transformations, sometimes simple adjustments can help teams and colleagues remove roadblocks and enable rapid change during uncertain times.

Why Change Management

People are the common denominator for achieving project success and business outcomes and the research is clear: Initiatives with excellent change management are six times more likely to succeed.

Taking Charge of Change Training Program

Prosci’s Taking Charge of Change 1-day program will help you get started on delivering change success through people.

Tim’s LinkedIn Profile

Connect with Tim on LinkedIn and keep the change management conversation going!



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