077 – Behavioral PM: the Feakonomics approach to project delivery with Dr. Josh Ramirez

077 – Behavioral PM: the Feakonomics approach to project delivery with Dr. Josh Ramirez

Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone followed all the processes we built? If everyone on our team followed the PMBOK or SCRUM methodologies perfectly every single time and every estimate we ever received was perfectly accurate? 

Of course that doesn’t happen. But did you ever stop to think – why? Well, our guest today has. Dr. Josh Ramirez has combed the scientific literature on human behavior and combined that with his love of project management to help explain why people do the things they do – and don’t. Today he shares with us how to use human psychology to change the way we approach project delivery to account for the weird ways humans behave.


Dr. Josh Ramirez is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Neuro & Behavioral Project Management

Building an organization (www.nbpmi.com) that is working on redesigning project management with behavioral, social, cognitive, and neuroscience, toward an emerging field of Behavioral Project Management. In addition, he is currently researching application of science to project management to build a foundation of project science under existing practices. The future of project management is in redesigning around the beings that predict and deliver projects: humans. 

He is also co-author of NeuralPlan with Dr. Shari De Baets, and an adjunct professor of project management, with experience that includes business operations management, project management, and project controls, including work at several national laboratories and other projects throughout the U.S. Department of Energy complex, as well as private sector project work. 

Read more about Josh’s great contributions to PM here:

The Institute for Neuro & Behavioral Project Management: https://www.nbpmi.com/ 

Behavioral PM Membership Site: behavioralpm.com (new membership site) https://www.behavioralpm.com/ 

Neural Plan: https://www.neural-plan.com/ 



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