075 – Top Tips from a Project Management Coach, with Heather Gates

075 – Top Tips from a Project Management Coach, with Heather Gates

The same way sports teams have coaches to help optimize their performance, organizations can engage PM coaches to help their project management team win. 

In this episode, we are joined by Heather Gates, a PM coach who has worked to help develop project managers across many organizations. In this episode, Heather shares a few of her top coaching tips in some key areas:

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Communication 
  3. Time Management
  4. Stakeholder Management
  5. Cross functional Collaboration

About our amazing guest, Heather Gates

Heather Gates is an entrepreneur, consultant and certified project manager who values collaboration, productivity and service. As a former NCAA Kodak All-American in basketball and amateur beach volleyball player who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio USA, Heather has established a global reputation for being a diligent and thoughtful leader while advocating for effective project management amongst her peers, colleagues, project teams, and customers.

Certified as a women’s business enterprise (WBE) from WECONNECT International in its first year, Heather launched PM Rehab in 2020, now branded ConnectingPM, and has the mission to provide real-time project management learning experiences and support services that help companies retain existing project professionals and optimize traditional business functions. Using relatable scenarios, Heather sheds light on how individuals and businesses can quickly introduce effective and quality project management for their projects, teams and customers.

If you are interested in getting coaching from Heather or would like to learn more about what she does, you can reach Heather at https://connecting-pm.com  or via email at info@connecting-pm.com 


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