070 – Change Management Mic Drops with Tim Creasey

070 – Change Management Mic Drops with Tim Creasey

Project Managers are agents of change. Whether you’re project changes organizations, technologies, infrastructure or processes, the success of your project likely depends on *people* actually using your deliverables. But how much of your project is really focused on those people and helping them understand and make those changes? 

Spoiler: Kate *totally* nerds out on this one 🙂 After we recorded this, Kate and Kim quoted Tim to just about everyone they met. Mic drops! 

In this podcast we are joined by one of the most influential thought-leaders in Change Management today, Tim Creasey, the CIO of Prosci. Tim will take us through the 5 tenets of change management, and their corresponding plain language questions:

  1. We change for a reason
    • Plain language question: Why are we changing? 
  2. Organizational change requires individual change
    • How much of our outcomes depend on adoption and usage? 
  3. Organizational outcomes are the collective result of individual change
    • What will we do to support adoption and usage? 
  4. Change Management is an enabling framework for managing the people side of change
    • How will driving adoption and usage improve results? 
  5. We apply change management to realize the benefits and desired outcomes of change


About our amazing guest, Tim Creasey

An author, researcher, change expert and human, Tim focuses on the people side of change with process, wit and vigor. Tim’s work forms the foundation of the world’s largest body of knowledge on change management. His role as Chief Innovation Officer at Prosci gives him unparalleled insight into change management challenges, trends and futures. Having spoken to hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, Tim is authentic, knowledgeable and unassumingly funny. He enables audiences with valuable data and actionable information.


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