035 – Kickass Martial Arts Lessons for Project Managers

035 – Kickass Martial Arts Lessons for Project Managers

This episode, Kim shares some lessons from his time studying martial arts with some amazing instructors which can apply to Project Management! And no, they do not include giving that troublesome stakeholder a spin-kick to the head πŸ™‚ But they do include lessons on how to assert yourself, how to focus on the important things in the moment and how to approach mentorship. Join the journey from white belt to kickass PM black belt!

From the Filipino stick fighting art of Balintawak Eskrima to American Kenpo Karate, we talk through just a couple of life lessons you can apply to your projects. And maybe also to troublesome stakeholders. Ha!

This episode is humbly dedicated to the three great martial artists and amazing people that inspired it with their teaching and mentorship –

  • Manong Sam Buot
  • Mr. Scott Gonzalez
  • Coach Richard Cotterill



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