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PM Happy Hour 092 – Goblins in the room! Managing meeting misbehaviors, with Rich Maltzman

PM Happy Hour 091 – The Perfect Status Report: How to measure percent complete

PM Happy Hour 090 – How to tell other people what to do

PM Happy Hour 089 – Reorgs and Restructurings Sailing the seas of Chaos

PM Happy Hour 088 – The CHAOS Report: Measuring project failure

PM Happy Hour 087-Creative decision making: do you have the right 4 voices in the room? with Teresa Lawrence

PM Happy Hour 086 – The project behind Disaster Response, with the ITDRC

PM Happy Hour 085 – Deciding on how to make good Decisions, with Kandis Porter

PM Happy Hour 084-OH, We forgot about Change Management! What to do when you get caught with your ADKAR down, with Tim Creasey

PM Happy Hour 083-The 30 minute executive Meeting: Make it count

PM Happy Hour 082 – The Project Behind a Tech Startup, with Pete Bernardo from Punchlist

PM Happy Hour 081 – The Project Behind an Emergency Covid Vaccination Site, with Aaron Bellinger, PMP

PM Happy Hour 080-First PM on the Beach: How to succeed when you are the first Project Manager in your organization

PM Happy Hour 079 – Welcome to the Dungeon! Kate and Kim do Project Management RPG (D&D)

PM Happy Hour 078- Recommending Change: Pitching Process Improvement Without Getting Chased Out the Door

PM Happy Hour 077-Behavioral PM: the Feakonomics approach to project delivery with Dr. Josh Ramirez

Freakonomics transformed the way we think of economics by putting it in the context of human behavior. Finally, someone has done the same with Project Management!

PM Happy Hour 076 – Imposter Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment

PM Happy Hour 075 – Top Tips from a Project Management Coach, with Heather Gates

In this course we talk about common coaching points that benefit project managers

PM Happy Hour 074 – The Project Behind a Movie

PM Happy Hour 073 – A 12 Pack of Alignment Hacks with Tim Creasey – Part 2

PM Happy Hour 072 – A 12 Pack of Alignment Hacks with Tim Creasey – Part 1

PM Happy Hour 071- The Project Behind an Ironman Triathlon

In this course we will walk through the planning and execution of an Ironman Triathlon, sharing the approach taken and challenges faced by their race directors in planning these massive projects

PM Happy Hour 070 – Change Management “Mic Drops” with Tim Creasey

In this course, we will cover what Organizational Change Management is, how it can benefit your project and some practical change management tips you can use in your project today

PM Happy Hour 069- Project Management in an Alien Environment

In this course we provide tips on how to come up to speed when project managing in a new subject matter domain.

PM Happy Hour 068- Interviewing PM’s: Inside the Mind of a Hiring Manager

In this course we provide tips on how to hire and select PM’s for your PMO, program or organization

PM Happy Hour 067- What the heck is ITSM?

In this course we explain what ITIL and ITSM are and why this is important for project managers to understand

PM Happy Hour 066-How to be a consultant: Dealing with customers without having a nervous breakdown

In this course we discuss techniques important for building relationships with external customers

PM Happy Hour 065 – Can you keep a secret? Managing confidential information

In this course we discuss how to best manage confidential information relating to your project

PM Happy Hour 064- Getting Into – or out of – Project Management with Ben Aston of The Digital Project Manager podcast

In this episode, we talk about getting into - or out of - the field of project management

PM Happy Hour 059 – Crying Happens: how to handle it

In this episode we provide communication techniques for managing tears in the workplace, whether they are yours or someone else’s

PM Happy Hour 060 – Say-Do-Say: Fundamentals of Project Communication

In this episode we talk through the “say-do-say’ paradigm of project communication

PM Happy Hour 061+062- Do I really need a PMO?

In this episode we talk through the “say-do-say’ paradigm of project communication

PM Happy Hour 063 – Candid Conversations with a Project Management Recruiter, with Norma Gutierrez

In this episode we talk through the “say-do-say’ paradigm of project communication

PM Happy Hour 057-ADKAR: It’s not a trap! Change Management can save your mission

PM Happy Hour 056-Don’t buy the bias! Managing bias in Project Management

This course we discuss Bias and how it can impact our project leadership

PM Happy Hour 055 – A slice of thankfulness pie with Kate and Kim

This course we discuss studying project management and how to break into the field


PM Happy Hour 054-How to be a Project Manager: Kate and Kim get interviewed by a PM student about breaking into the field

PM Happy Hour 058-Shut-in but not Shut-down: Managing Projects and Teams from Home

In this course we provide specific tools and techniques you can use to organize yourself and your team when working remote

PM Happy Hour 053-What if I told you that you were a PM all along?

PM Happy Hour 052-Who owns this baby when I’m done? Planning for deliverables handover

PM Happy Hour 037- Transform from Project Manager to Project Leader with Naomi Caietti

PM Happy Hour 051-They told me I’m “Too Nice?!” Dealing with inactionable feedback

PM Happy Hour 050-Project Financials 101: A quick and dirty overview of how money affects projects

PM Happy Hour 049-Calling Bulls##t Without Getting Sh#t Upon

PM Happy Hour 048-Brand Yourself with Sonia Mundra

This course we talk through strategies and tactics to help develop leadership qualities to propel your career.

PM Happy Hour 047-Project Management at Burning Man: Managing Volunteers, with Kayla Glenn

PM Happy Hour 046-Process, Data & Maturity: is it BS or does it really matter?

PM Happy Hour 045 – Entreprenedurial Project Management with Rolondo Talbott

PM Happy Hour 044- Dear Project Diary: Project (b)logging to keep your head straight

PM Happy Hour 043- How to be “The Wolf” – Taking over broken projects

PM Happy Hour 042-The Closer: Avoiding Project Acceptance Exceptions

PM Happy Hour 041-Witness Me! Justifying Project Management

PM Happy Hour 040 – I’m a WHAT?! What’s the point of personality assessments?

PM Happy Hour 039-Burning Questions: A Trick or treat bag of listener mail

PM Happy Hour 036 – PMO – What is it really? And how do I run one?

PM Happy Hour 038-Charter? Huh! What is it good for? (absolutely every project)

PM Happy Hour 035-Kickass Martial Arts Lessons for Project Managers

PM Happy Hour 034-PM Superhero Smackdown! Kate and Kim share lessons from their favorite movie PMs

PM Happy Hour 033-Lessons from Interviewing 50 Women PMs in 50 days – a chat with Elise Stevens

PM Happy Hour 032-Project Management Thunderdome! Internal versus External Project Managers

PM Happy Hour 031 – Crucial Conversations part 3 – Stepping in and taking the lead

PM Happy Hour 030 – Crucial Conversations part 2: Oh, man it just got difficult!

PM Happy Hour 029 – Stop the Scope Creep! Using Change Control to keep the monsters at bay

PM Happy Hour 028- Embracing the Escalation: raising visibility without raising your blood pressure

PM Happy Hour 027-Crucial Conversations: Part 1 – Oh, man it just got crucial

PM Happy Hour 026-Mastering the Mastermind: facilitating small groups for big results

PM Happy Hour 025-The Last Move – a little bit of game theory for your projects

PM Happy Hour 024 – How to Run a Meeting – and not waste everyone’s time

PM Happy Hour 023-Learning to Swim: Getting oriented in a new organization without going under

PM Happy Hour 022-Getting To Yes: Negotiation for non-negotiators (part 2 of 2)

PM Happy Hour 021-Getting to Yes: Negotiation for non-negotiators (part 1 of 2)

PM Happy Hour 020-An Influence Toolkit: Getting stuff done without authority

PM Happy Hour 019-Stage Direction in the Boardroom

PM Happy Hour 018-What I wish I’d known when I started PM (the tipsy episode)

Kate and Kim share lessons learned - specifically things they wish they’d known when they started in Project Management

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PM Happy Hour 017-Working with Creatives

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PM Happy Hour 016-Story Time! Better communication through narrative

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PM Happy Hour 015-Meet your Mentor! With PMO Joe

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PM Happy Hour 014-Condition RED! Breaking bad news to your stakeholders

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PM Happy Hour 013-Don’t guess! Plan your project with SCIENCE using Monte Carlo analysis

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PM Happy Hour 012-Sassy or Assertive? Women in Project Management

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PM Happy Hour 011-A love letter to my RAID log

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PM Happy Hour 010-The Sweet Irony of Failed MS Project Server Implementations

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PM Happy Hour 009-5 Things your technical architect secretly wants to yell at you

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PM Happy Hour 008-5 Things that only your Communications BFF will tell you

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PM Happy Hour 007-How to respond to “stupid” executive asks

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PM Happy Hour 006-The First 5 questions to ask when starting a new project (BONUS!)

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PM Happy Hour 005-Risk? The FIFTH question to ask when starting a new project

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PM Happy Hour 004- Schedule? The FOURTH question to ask when starting a new project

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PM Happy Hour 003-Cost? The THIRD question to ask whenever you start a new project

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PM Happy Hour 002 – Scope? The SECOND question to ask when starting a new project

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PM Happy Hour 001 -Success? The FIRST question to ask when starting a project