Stakeholder Management


A03-PM Appetizer-Building Trust with “Trust Bricks”

In today’s short-format “Appetizer” episode, we have a tasty little nugget to share about building trust. Trust is essential for building effective working relationships with your team, sponsors and stakeholders. But how do you do it? In today’s show, we talk about a couple specific techniques you can use to build – or repair- trust. […]


009-5 Things your technical architect secretly wants to yell at you

Cheers! You depend on them and, let’s be honest, sometimes you abuse them. This week we talk to Ollie Hunter, the enterprise architect for a leading e-commerce firm in Europe. Ollie will share life from an architect’s perspective, and help us understand how we, as project leaders, can develop better relationships with our architects, and […]


007-How to respond to “stupid” executive asks

Na zdraví!   As they say in Czech Republic. Cheers, and join us for this week’s Project Management Happy Hour! Guess what? if you know the PMI Talent Triangle, these are Leadership PDU’s! This week we talk about a really tough subject –  how to handle an outside senior stakeholder who wants to exert influence on […]