A04-PM Appetizer – Be the CEO of your Project

A04-PM Appetizer – Be the CEO of your Project

A big differentiator between projects that succeed and projects that fail is the engagement and commitment of the Project Manager. Are they just going through the motions? Or are they taking charge? In this short “Appetizer” episode, we share some tasty bites which might help you re-think how you approach leadership in your project.



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    Kim Essendrup

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    Alessandro MunizAlessandro Muniz

    Kim/ Kate, I loved this take of being a CEO of our own projects.

    I am having a hard time moving from a task oriented role into a PM role, where I need to find ways to motivate people who does not only report to me, but are also going through a lot of organizational changes.

    Keeping this attitude of a CEO of a project helped me realized I am entrusted to deliver the results back to my sponsors.  To me that could be a whole meal episode, specially for new comers in the field.



    Kim Essendrup

    Hi Alessandro,

    Congrats on your move to a Leadership PM! Just realizing the difference and deciding you want to go that direction puts you ahead of a lot of people in the field.

    Thanks for the feedback – it’s now on our backlog for full episodes – stay tuned 🙂



    Kate AndersonKate Anderson

    ooohhhh yes yes yes yes very excited to hear that you’d like to hear more on this!  Being the boss is the best – especially when you decided it.

    Get ready for some bossypants talk!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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