A02-PM Appetizer: Dealing with Project “Yellow Lights”

A02-PM Appetizer: Dealing with Project “Yellow Lights”

Today we have another PM Happy Hour Appetizer episode!

What’s an appetizer?

These are short format episodes (10- 15 minutes) in between our main shows where we hit on short, informative topics. These topics are too small to fill up a full show, or we want to see if there is enough interest from you, our PM Happy Hour listeners , to turn them into full episodes. So, if you hear an Appetizer and think, “they should make a whole meal out of that!” please let us know and we’ll be happy to do that.

We all run into those little “Yellow Lights” on projects ? those moments when you think, “wait a minute? that’s not right.” All too often, we “floor it” and try to get through the light before it gets red – only to end up in a head-on collision!

Today, we take a lesson from Mahan Khalsa’s great book, “Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play” for how to handle these critical moments when we realize that something is definitely not right.


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